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Addiction Survey

Are you Addicted?

Am I addicted?

This short test is not in any way an accurate assessment. If you would like to know more about addiction, or would like to have a free and confidential talk about your Alcohol/drug concerns, please contact us.

Answer the following questions honestly 

Has drinking or using meant that you have missed an important family event?
Has your drinking/using interfered with work?
Do you think about the next time you can drink or use?
Do you get annoyed or angry when questioned about your drinking/using?
Do you drink or use even after deciding that you would not?
Do you drink or use to avoid painful feelings/memories?
Do you blame other people for the amount you are drinking/using?
When drinking or using do you lose control of the amount you take?
Do you hide the amount you are drinking or using from your family/loved ones?
Have you managed to reduce how much you drink or use successfully?

This test is only meant as an indicator. High scores show that you might have a problem.

Whatever your result, if you have concerns about your drinking/using, contact us for more information. We are here to help!

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