Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coach

There are excellent treatment facilities helping people find a way to begin their journey to freedom from addiction.
The support offered after treatment is often left to the 12 step fellowships.  Aftercare is a meeting back at the rehab in the form of weekly group sessions. Here is where a Recovery Coach can help!
Leaving the safe environment of a treatment facility can be in itself be a difficult transition. Returning to the framework of their lives, many struggle to find a way forward in recovery and some relapse.

Recovery CoachA Recovery Coach will motivate, encourage, and empower a person to find value and substance to their recovery.  A coach will not suggest one particular approach above another. When change is  needed to achieve goals, he will offer practical ways in which that change can be put into action.

A Recovery Coach can be beneficial to a anyone who wants to change.From a desire to get clean,  post rehab, or just looking for a way to reduce the harm of their current behaviour.
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