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   Which Rehab?  


Finding a Drug/Alcohol Rehab that meets your needs and budget can be a difficult task.  Alcohol Addiction and Drug Addiction help is available –  But which one?

We can help!



Alcohol/Drug Rehab Bedfordshire



Drug/Alcohol Rehab Bedfordshire


being admitted into a Drug/Alcohol Rehab is a courageous step to take and we ca help you decide on which one will be right for you, or your loved one. We can liaise with the facility to help with the admission process and also can provide Sober Transportation to and from any Detox – Rehab in Bedfordshire and throughout the UK.


Addiction Support


Our referral assistance service is free and we are happy to discuss the available addiction treatment options with you. Our Sober Transportation, Recovery Coaching and Family Intervention services are available to support you and we are always happy to discuss your situation and work with you to find the best solution.

We also offer support to someone before, after and even instead of residential addiction treatment. Our one to one Recovery Coaching plans have helped by giving direction and motivation and are facilitated by our trained and certified Recovery Coach


Family Support


The journey from Addiction to Recovery is often seen as only relevant to the person entering Addiction Treatment. We have found that including the family in the recovery process is beneficial to the whole family. Our Coaching and Intervention services can be extended to all of the family members who wish to be engaged. Please contact us to discuss this or any of our services.  We can be contacted by telephone, or by requesting a callback on our contact page

We are here to help!