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 Drug-Alcohol Rehab  Hertfordshire


There are options when looking for help with addiction. One of the most effective ways to intervene in      the cycle of addiction is to book into a drug-alcohol rehab. It might also be necessary to detox and both detox and treatment are usually within the same facility. In Hertfordshire Drug-Alcohol Rehabs that include an Alcohol Detox or Drug Detox will recommend a stay of at least 4 weeks and most will have an extension option.  We have several addiction treatment centres  in Hertfordshire that we have visited, and in which we have confidence in.


Drug Alcohol Rehab Hertfordshire


Who to Trust?


Of course knowing who to trust when looking at the online literature is difficult. we have visited all of the Drug/Alcohol Rehab centres in Hertfordshire and have selected the ones that have the best facilities, staff and outcomes. Though residential addiction treatment is not cheap, we have included those that have a lower cost and yet still have a high standard of treatment and accommodation.


Treatment abroad

We have gathered this information and can confidently recommend a Drug/Alcohol Rehab in Hertfordshire and throughout the UK as well as a few in Thailand and South Africa. This service is free and we are always glad to assist you in finding the appropriate addiction treatment centre.


Recovery Coaching

Having found the right drug/alcohol rehab and engaging in the treatment programme, you may wish to consider the support of a Recovery Coach. Our Recovery Coaching Service gives full one to one support to people before and after treatment. The biggest risk for relapse is on leaving treatment and we support and motivate our clients with a tailored Coaching plan that has given direction to many in their early days in recovery.



If you are a family member who is trying to convince a loved one to go into Rehab, or they need a drug detox hertfordshire, then you can break that denial with a Family Intervention. We work with families to be able to reach their loved ones. We have found this to be successful when all else has failed. To learn more about this and our other services, please feel free to contact us.