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Our policy is to always try to meet and exceed the expectations and requirements of our clients. To achieve this, we will listen carefully to you, will ask specific questions to ascertain the exact nature of the problem and will do our very best to ensure admission to the detox clinic or rehab which meets your needs.

From the moment you work with us via telephone, Skype or email, we will organize all of the details and arrangements with the detox clinic and also can arrange for door to door transportation. In short, we take the additional stress of getting you or your loved one into detox, allowing you to concentrate on preparation for the challenge ahead.

Sober Companion Transport

Our Transportation service Gives the client a smooth transition into treatment as well as offering peace of mind to family members.
The car usually used is a top specification Volvo s60 and the driver is a certified recovery coach and experienced mature driver. If you require assistance in taking an international journey, our Sober Companion will support you throughout the entire journey and see you safely to your destination.


When you see a loved one trapped in addiction and they seem to deny it is happening, or simply will not accept help, a professional intervention will help to break the denial and give the person using a clear view of their situation, how it is harming them as well as their family. To simply present the facts around the behaviour of your loved one would be of no use unless made with an offer of help and in a loving way.
A skilled interventionist will guide family members in delivering a view of what they see happening to their loved one, how it makes them feel, and importantly, offer the help they need.

Recovery Coaching

Taking positive action to achieve and your goals is especially important for a person leaving treatment or committing to abstinence.
Our certified Recovery Coaches are here to help you!

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