Alcohol Intervention

Alcohol Intervention

An alcohol intervention is usually a process in which a professional interventionist works with family members. Planning a strategy which will have the best outcome takes commitment from those involved. Here at Treatment Link, we have worked with many families who are desperate to convince their loved one to accept help with addiction. Working closely with those involved we look for the best approach that will be suitable. We can visit the person directly, or plan with you an alcohol intervention that has an established format and which has been very successful in reaching those unwilling to accept help.

Alcohol Addiction – One to One                                             Alcohol Intervention

Reaching a person who is suffering from alcohol addiction may seem impossible. We can help! Our professional, experienced addiction specialists have been there to help individuals who are struggling to control drinking or using drugs. We can offer One to one sessions with someone who is reluctant to enter residential treatment. Where a person is willing to engage, this has been effective in convincing a person to trust us and accept help. If your loved one is unwilling to engage with us directly, we will work with you to prepare for a full alcohol intervention.

Alcohol Intervention – Family

To prepare for an alcohol intervention, we create a team from the family members and close friends. Sometimes we look to work contacts, such as a boss or business partner. We then work closely with the team over a period of 1-2 weeks. Taking time is very important. There is a lot to plan in an alcohol intervention, and for the actual intervention to be successful, preparations are vital.  If you are struggling to reach someone in their alcohol addiction, it is very likely you have already tried to reach them. To be united in your approach may need professional help. Our addiction intervention services are tailored to the individual needs of our clients. Once engaged, we are committed to helping and can be flexible in our approach as the situation changes.

Any successful Alcohol Intervention must be followed up with ongoing support. That might be residential treatment, or can be by engaging with an addiction specialist. We can help you to find the best treatment options and can offer ongoing support with one of our Addiction Recovery Coaching programmes.

To find out more, please contact us. Whatever your situation, we can help.