Cannabis Addiction

Cannabis Addiction

Cannabis addiction is becoming more prevalent as a drug problem in the UK. We are seeing more people asking for help with a family member who is addicted to cannabis. Cannabis use amongst younger people has been especially concerning and numbers of young adults entering addiction treatment centres to detox from Cannabis has risen significantly.

Recreational Use                               Cannabis Addiction treatment

Cannabis is a plant which has been used recreationally for centuries. When smoked, or eaten, Cannabis creates a euphoric sensation and reduces inhibitions.  Many people use cannabis without harmful consequences.  Unfortunately for some Cannabis has become a serious problem.

Signs of Drug Addiction

Cannabis Addiction has signs and symptoms that are shared with other drug addictions. Lack of concentration, increased inactivity, and  pre occupation with using which takes precedence over other activities, are a few of the obvious signs. Lethargy and abnormal sleeping patterns also can occur.  Erratic behaviour while someone is using can be distressing. However, the more striking symptoms of Cannabis Addiction occur when a person isn't able to use. Irritability, sweats and confusion, as well as intense paranoia are some of the more serious symptoms of addiction to cannabis.

Detox - Cannabis Addiction Treatment

If someone is experiencing these withdrawal symptoms they may need to engage in a medical assessment and a period of detoxification, usually within a specialist detox unit. Once a person is detoxed, there is often a high risk of a return to using. This is the crux of any drug addiction. Someone who has had significant consequences due to their cannabis use and still returns to the drug. A longer stay in residential addiction treatment  can educate someone on the dangers of relapse and encourage them to be committed to abstinence.


Post rehab is the most difficult time for anyone recovering from addiction. Support is vital and being engaged with a recovery group such as AA CA or NA has helped many people in their recovery from addiction. An Addiction Recovery Coach who has training and experience can be a very useful support, especially in the first weeks after treatment for drug Addiction.

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