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The process of preparing for residential treatment is in its self difficult, as the preparations are made in what is often a highly emotionally charged time. Sometimes a person will balk at the final hurdle and for families this can be a very painful experience. Our Sober Companion UK service has a Sober Coach to help you. To and from rehab, on a business trip, or in the first weeks after treatment,  a sober support in your addiction recovery can help.
The first weeks after rehab can be challenging and we know that this is where sober support is vital. Our Recovery Coaching programme offers one to one support from the day you leave treatment. Addiction Recovery Coaching requires specialist training and all of our Recovery Coaches/Sober Companions are highly trained, certified and ready to work with you. To find out more about sober coaching please feel free to contact us. You can call our helpline, email us, or chat online.

To and From Rehab - Sober Companion UK

Our Sober companions have had years of experience in encouraging clients to take that step and will take you or your loved one to the treatment facility and help with the admission process. We have over 10 years experience in supporting clients on this journey and our addiction recovery coach is always aware and mindful that you may be nervous. He/She will be happy to answer any questions you might have and will stop for comfort breaks as needed. We offer this service as part of our treatment package as well as a stand alone service and is charged at a competitive rate.

Sober Transportation - With you wherever you need to go

We understand that this is a challenging and sometimes frightening beginning for a person taking that first step into a treatment facility and so with our Sober Transportation Service, you have a driver who is a fully qualified Addiction Recovery Coach, as well as an experienced mature driver and a sober companion for clients travelling within the UK and to international destinations. Our Sober Companion UK Service offers Addiction help Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, throughout the UK and Internationally.

Sober Support - Going the extra mile

Your Sober Companion will be there to make the journey as comfortable as possible. Taking you  directly to your destination, he will be sensitive to your comfort needs and stop where appropriate. When arriving at the detox or rehab centre, he will be able to assist with the admission and contact  any family members  you have given us permission to inform and let them know that you have arrived. Find out more about how our Sober Companion UK Services can help - Call us Today.

Care and Safety

We take care in being mindful of our clients individual needs. As each journey and of course each person is different, we will discuss the route and any special requirements beforehand.  Your safety is important and our Addiction Recovery Coach is both experienced and fully insured to carry you safely throughout your journey.

Our sober support service is also available to be used to take you to and from appointments, or to visit loved ones. We are often asked to transport clients who are in treatment and in using our service minimise the risk of a person relapsing while out of the treatment centres care.

Recovery Coaching – Support after treatment

The first weeks after rehab can be challenging and we know that this is when support is vital. Our Recovery Coaching programme offers one to one support from the day you leave treatment.  Addiction Recovery Coaching requires specialist training and our Recovery Coaches/Sober Companions are highly trained, certified and also have years of experience in navigating life without using or drinking.

One to One Support

Addiction rehabilitation centres will offer an aftercare service to support you for up to a year after leaving treatment. Unfortunately for many, this is not enough to maintain recovery. Our Coaching programme is tailored to your needs, can be challenging and offers a level of one to one support which cannot be found in weekly aftercare or therapy sessions. If you are willing to engage, one of our coaches is ready to work with you. Read more about our sober companion UK services
Our  Addiction Recovery Coach – Sober Companion – Sober Transportation services are tailored to your needs and available us with details of your requirements. We are here to help!

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