Addiction Intervention

addiction intervention


Addiction Intervention

An Addiction intervention may be suitable when someone you love is falling deeper into an addiction. They may refuse to accept help and your concerns are often met with irritation or anger. They deny that there is a problem, or try to reassure you that they will do something soon but refuse to act. It is painful and frustrating to have tried to support someone who is obviously in trouble and to not be able to make a difference. In our experience, a carefully planned, professional addiction intervention is a proven way to break through denial, allow you to be heard and your loved one to accept help.
Addiction help with a Family intervention is a process that has been effective in bringing families back together. Call or email us to begin the process


Addiction help is most effective with a united and informed family. When you see a loved one trapped in addiction and they seem to deny it is happening, or simply will not accept help, a professional intervention will help to break the denial and give the person using a clear view of their situation, how it is harming them as well as their family. To simply present the facts around the behaviour of your loved one would be of no use unless made with an offer of help and in a loving way.
An addiction interventionist will guide family members in delivering a view of what they see happening to their loved one, how it makes them feel, and importantly, offer the help they need.
Addiction affects the whole family – We can help you help them.

Addiction help - family intervention Bedfordshire – Hertfordshire  – UK

A skilled interventionist will guide family members in delivering a view of what they see happening to their loved one, how it makes them feel, and importantly, offer the help they need. You may have tried threats, rewards, loving concern and a host of ways to reach them, yet still they continue using and there seems no way to convince them to accept the help you would like to offer them.  At this point you might want to consider an Intervention


We often hear desperate family members tell us that they were told that they have to wait until the addict is ready. We disagree and have found that a professional intervention, carried out by a trained interventionist can be the kind of loving support that convinces them to accept help now, saving the addict and family years of suffering. Interventions are usually following one of two established models, or where appropriate, a combination of both. The Arise  and the  Johnson models have different approaches but are similar in that they confront the behaviour of the addict and in that the family joins together to show unity and their desire to help. We work with families for a period of  usually between 2 and 4 weeks before the intervention and make sure that you are fully prepared. We have had a high success rate with our Addiction interventions and this is mostly due to the degree of preparation that in our experience is vital.

if you need support in convincing your loved one to accept help,or would like to discuss a possible addiction intervention Contact us today.  Family Intervention Bedfordshire – Hertfordshire – UK – International

“The great thing in this world is not so much where you stand, as in what direction you are moving.”

-Oliver Wendell Holmes

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