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Where to begin?

Where to begin when looking for help beating cocaine addiction can be a daunting task. Finding support can be difficult, especially if you are not sure if you need a Drug/Alcohol Rehab or a Recovery Coach You may already know which of our services you need, but if you are not sure, please call us to discuss the situation. After an initial consultation, (free and with no obligation) we can find the best way forward based on your needs and circumstances.
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The start of the road to recovery often means a detoxification period, usually in a treatment centre. There are a lot of choices available. Finding one that will meet your needs can be a difficult and stressful experience.

We only recommend detox facilities which we have visited and who we are sure offer and deliver all they claim. Over time this list of trusted centres has grown to include much of the UK and has allowed us to help many people feel confident in entering treatment.

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Sober companion services Transportation

When someone decides that they need help and arrange to go into treatment, there is often a lot of anxiety and sometimes resistance to actually travelling to the facility. We understand this and so only have the most experienced and qualified people in our transportation team.

Our transportation service can be used as a part of a package or as a stand alone service.
Which ever option you choose, you or your loved one will be in safe hands.

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When someone you love is falling deeper into an addiction, your concerns are often met with irritation or anger. They may deny that there is a problem, or try to reassure you that they will do something soon but refuse to accept help. A professional intervention can help.

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Recovery Coaching

Our Recovery Coaching programme is where a client can enhance their recovery by engaging regularly with our certified recovery coach.

Without support, the relief and feeling of wellbeing experienced by someone who has been engaged in a treatment programme is often short lived, but their newly found freedom can be built upon with our excellent coaching team.

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The Process


We would like to help in the best possible way and so will invite you to talk to one of our Addiction Specialists. The call lasts for approximately 20 minutes and is free. You will be asked specific questions concerning your drug/alcohol use which will help us determine the best course of action to take. Our consultation and referral service is free. We manage to do this because of the small fee we charge some of the facilities we refer to.
For cocaine addiction help - Alcohol use - and other drugs
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After your assessment, if treatment is needed, we can advise you on the treatment centres we have referred clients to and which we know to have excellent outcomes and have been successful in helping clients to beat addiction. If you wish us to arrange admission and transportation, we are happy to make all of the arrangements with the facility and transport you from your home to the drug/alcohol rehab centre.
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Recovery Coaching

Support after treatment is vital in maintaining a substance free life.
Our commitment to you does not end at a rehab. We offer our clients personal Coaching from our Certified Recovery Coach for 6-12 months. This service can be included as part of a package and at a reduced and competitive price. Find out more about Recovery Coaching here

“The great thing in this world is not so much where you stand, as in what direction you are moving.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes
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Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I know if myself or a loved one needs treatment?

When you have reached a point in your using where self control and determination to stop is no longer effective and a cycle of using, stopping, and relapsing is a wheel that keeps turning, then it is likely that treatment will be necessary. Unfortunately,the point at which someone needs help is often seen by their loved ones long before the person using and so as a family member, or spouse you may find it difficult to convince them to take action. In these cases you might want to consider Intervention

Q: Is residential treatment the only option?

Many people enter a residential treatment centre after trying in various ways to control or stop their using behaviour. The fact is that some need help in moving from addiction to recovery, and even though many manage to actually stop, it is staying stopped that is the problem.
A good rehab will give you the best chance at achieving this, and though we would always recommend a medical detox, it is possible to find recovery with a combination of professional support and a social support network. Our Recovery coaching service is available to offer one to one support and can be engaged at any time in your journey toward recovery.

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