Cocaine and its derivative 'Crack' has continued to become popular and the numbers of people looking to be treated for cocaine addiction is rising. One of the problems encountered when a person has stopped using cocaine is the craving. Rather than physical, this is a mental preoccupation with regaining the euphoria experienced previously. It is often necessary to receive treatment within a residential treatment centre where those cravings can be managed....


 Alcohol addiction damages individual and family relationships. Trying to help a family member without help from professionals is a difficult task. There are options in terms of accessing help. Residential treatment is definitely the preferred option and we would advise at least a medical detox for those who have been drinking daily. Withdrawal from alcohol is dangerous and without medical supervision can be life threatening. There are occasions however where residential treatment is not needed. We will be able to discuss options available as an alternative to rehab, such as our intensive Recovery Coaching Programme which gives one to one support.

Prescription Drugs

Addiction does not differentiate between a pill from a pharmacy and an illicit powder found on our streets. Opiates, which include morphine, codeine and heroin are similar in the way they work and it is not surprising that someone taking a prescribed drug such as codeine, may become addicted. This is not to say that taking a prescribed opiate will necessarily lead to addiction, but it is true that for some this is the case and can be as damaging as any other addiction. Benzodiazepines such as valium also can create a state of dependency which can be difficult to break.

Someone attempting to stop using a prescription drug may go through the same process of withdrawal as a person using its black market equivalent. Of course if access to the drug becomes restricted, (a good doctor may spot the signs and refuse to re-prescribe) then that person may be tempted to buy something to avoid the discomfort of withdrawal and so add to their problem.

Cannabis Addiction

Cannabis addiction is becoming more prevalent as a drug problem in the UK. We are seeing more people asking for help with a family member who is addicted to cannabis. Cannabis use amongst younger people has been especially concerning and numbers of young adults entering addiction treatment centres to detox from Cannabis has risen significantly.

Recreational Use                               

Cannabis is a plant which has been used recreationally for centuries. When smoked, or eaten, Cannabis creates a euphoric sensation and reduces inhibitions.  Many people use cannabis without harmful consequences.  Unfortunately for some Cannabis has become a serious problem.... Read more >


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