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Treatment Plan

Recovery starts with a decision to make a change followed by reaching out for help. We can work with you to find freedom from a substance disorder such as cocaine addiction, with alcohol or prescription drugs related problems, as well as behavioural addictions. The action required to achieve your goal must be sustained and so we have devised this treatment plan which will support you from the initial call you make, right through to ongoing guidance in recovery.
We can tailor this plan to your specific needs and will arrange all of the details once an agreement is reached.
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Treatment plan is a complete seamless  bringing together all of our services to give you the best chance in reaching and exceeding your goals and enjoying sustained recovery. This is where we can provide you with the benefit of all of our services tailoring to your specific needs a  transition from addiction to recovery.

  We will work with you and produce a bespoke plan of action which, when agreed upon we will put into motion, combining all of our resources to make the process as easy and stress free as possible. From Intervention (if needed) We can arrange for entry into a treatment facility that meets your needs and organise all of the admission details with the detox-rehab centre  and ensure your safe  Transportation to and from the centre you choose. Our Recovery coach will begin working with you and follow the  schedule of engagement which will have been arranged and agreed with you beforehand.

Each individual will have different needs and circumstances and so we are always willing to tailor this programme to our clients and adapt to any changes. If you would like to talk to us about this complete service, please email or call us

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