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Prescription Drugs Addiction

prescription drugs addiction such as opiates or benzodiazepines is a problem which can be as painful and destructive as any other substance addiction. To realise you might be suffering from a substance addiction without having taken illicit substances can be difficult to accept. When considering addiction most of us might think of drugs such as Heroin or Cocaine. We might have an idea that Cannabis is on the list as well as alcohol, but do we think of painkillers like codeine in the same way? Some of the symptoms of prescription drug addiction include frequently taking more than the recommended dose and making excuses as to why.Perhaps the amount prescribed no longer feels enough and so the amount is increasing. Being preoccupied with getting more, or being worried about running out, justifying the amount you are taking, or becoming agitated about concerns voiced by loved ones can be a sign that there is a problem.   If you are concerned about prescription drug use, contact us for advice. Anyone can find themselves suffering with a substance addiction and if you are addicted to prescription drugs, then it might be necessary to consider detoxification. The safest way to do this is with medical supervision in a detox centre.

Opiates - Codeine

Addiction does not differentiate between a pill from a pharmacy and an illicit powder found on our streets. Opiates, which include morphine, codeine and heroin are similar in the way they work and it is not surprising that someone taking a prescribed drug such as codeine, may find themselves exhibiting addictive behaviour, seeking more, becoming secretive, or preoccupied with the drug. This is not to say that taking prescribed opiates will necessarily lead to addiction, but it is true that for some this is the case and can be as damaging as any other addiction. Someone attempting to stop using a prescription drug may go through the same process of withdrawal as a person using its black market equivalent. Of course if access to the drug becomes restricted, (a good doctor may spot the signs and refuse to re-prescribe) then that person may be tempted to buy something to avoid the discomfort of withdrawal and so add to their problem. It is not uncommon for someone seeking pain killers to be offered street heroin and we have seen many people with a heroin addiction who were only trying to find pain relief. Of course it is important to point out that opiates are a form of pain relief that help many without being a problem. If you are someone who has begun to have some of the problems we have mentioned, you are possibly one of the 15% of people susceptible to becoming fully addicted. If you think you might have a problem with prescription drug addiction, contact us - We can help.


Benzodiazepine Addiction

Another drug that can become a problem is Benzodiazepines. A powerful sedative that has often been prescribed for anxiety, depression and insomnia.  Some of the common drugs  within this group are Diazepam(Valium)  Alprazolam(Xanax) and Lorazepam(Ativan). Doctors are often cautious in prescribing these drugs and may refuse to repeat prescribing after a period of time. The illicit buying of these drugs from the street or online is often how someone continues to use. Buying from unregulated sources can be risky as there is no way of telling the strength or even what is actually within the pills bought. As with alcohol addiction treatment, when someone decides to stop using benzodiazepines it is vital that they receive a medical detox as withdrawal from benzodiazepines can be dangerous without medical supervision.  Here at Treatment Link, we work with you to find a solution and so if you need help, please contact us

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