Asking for help with addiction

Asking for help – Addiction

Asking for help with addiction, whether it be drinking alcohol, taking prescription drugs, or injecting heroin is difficult. There comes a time when an addict might desperately want help and yet will not ask for it.  It becomes apparent to you and the family that your loved one is in trouble and though willing to help, you are often met with fierce resistance if the offer is made.                         asking for help with addiction

This kind of denial is perhaps fuelled by the guilt and shame of finding themselves in such a desperate situation. Many had spent years hiding their drug or alcohol addiction from their families and lying about their behaviour becomes a normal practice. The anger they direct toward you reflects how angry they are at themselves.

Rock bottom

For mum, sister, employer, this denial or seemingly callous response to a kind outreached hand can lead to a painful inward shrug of the shoulders. Eventually after many attempts to offer help, turning away from the one you love is an act of self preservation.  You may have sought advice on what to do. I have heard people told to wait for the addict to be ready, that they need to hit rock bottom.  Unfortunately that rock bottom at which someone may ask for help with addiction, for some has been a place of misery lived in for years. Believing their is no way out and with the fear of withdrawal, they stumble on and may never ask for help.


 I actively encourage families to consider a professional intervention for a loved one in this position.If carried out with love and with the guidance of a trained interventionist, this process can unite the power of a whole family to convince even the most stubborn member to accept help. Find out more about our Intervention and other services or contact us if you would like to discuss your situation.