Neuroscience and Addiction – Rewiring the brain

This article looks at how positive thought and action can help beat addiction. Neuroscience has given insights into the working of our brains and has led to a better understanding of what drives a person to continue using a harmful substance regardless of the negative consequences.

For many years the symptoms of addiction, recorded in the behaviour of addicts had been interpreted in various ways but still seemed incomprehensible to not only the families of addicts, but to those suffering the hell of addiction. To be given a proven scientific explanation of addiction is a real step forward, and many treatment programs are now able to offer clients a more comprehensive model of treatment because of the information available.

A Neuroscience based model of treatment can not replace what has and continues to be achieved using CBT, DBT and the 12 steps. It seems that the chasm of disagreement between those scientific and spiritual is narrowing and that a truly holistic model of treatment is now developing which offers clients the best possible chance of excellent treatment. Many of my clients have been glad to have been offered evidence based therapies which include practices based upon the findings that Neuroscience has unveiled.

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