Addiction and the Brain.

Dr Nicole Labor gives an explanation of why Addiction is a brain disease and how important it is to understand why.

Its not the substance – its my Brain!

Trying to find a way to beat an addiction has to start with understanding the true nature of the problem! Someone who has been using Heroin for 10 years or more may decide that he is a ‘heroin addict’ and take action in stopping, only to find himself drinking heavily or popping pills. This is common in the clients I work with and is born of the idea that a particular substance is the problem.  The belief that one should be able to choose not to use, the dismay in finding  will power insufficient, and the inevitable feelings of uselessness  often lead to more using. Learning about what happens deep within the brain, how both structure and functionality are changed gives insight into the true nature of addiction and a chance to find a better way to beat it.