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Recovery Coaching

Support to attain or maintain recovery from addiction is vital. Our recovery coaching programmes are designed to keep a person focused on sobriety and avoid behaviour that leads to relapse . Professionally delivered, our skilled and experienced recovery coach help to encourage a person to reach higher and achieve their goals. People often ask for information on how to access support after leaving residential addiction treatment, a sober coach can help.

The aim of a Recovery Coach or Sober Coach, is to encourage and inspire you to engage in positive action and enjoy being clean and sober. The fact is that many people who relapse, do so very soon after leaving treatment. One of the main reasons for this is a lack of direction and support. To be without motivation and encouragement can make being clean/sober unattractive. We can help!

What is Recovery Coaching?

Often referred to as a sober coach or sober companion a qualified recovery coach is equipped with the training and experience to be able to guide and motivate you in early recovery. Many of our clients have found that working with a recovery coach to support them in the first months after leaving rehab has given them the tools to be able to avoid relapse and to maintain their recovery from addiction. A concept developed in the USA, recovery coaching has become an important part of many treatment programmes here in the UK. Some rehabs may offer access to a coach, most only offer weekly group aftercare sessions.  A sober coach gives a much more personal and intensive level of support which has proven to be valuable in addiction recovery.

One to One Support with a Sober Coach

Our experienced and Certified Recovery Coach will work with you on a one to one basis and encourage you to engage in activity that supports recovery from addiction. The number of sessions depends on your needs and the programme includes tasks or assignments to work on in between sessions. Your Sober Coach can start working with you at the end of a stay in detox/rehab, but also can be very effective in helping to move toward your recovery goals. This programme usually is formed of an engagement that lasts for 3-12 months and can include participation of an individual or family members. To find out more about how this service can help you, or how we can integrate all of our services in a complete Treatment Plan, Please contact us

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