Addiction – Family Support

Addiction and the family

When a family contacts us for help with addiction, we work to provide the best possible treatment for the person who is drinking or taking drugs. The treatment route might be admission into a centre for an alcohol detox, or a rehab. Some of our clients have engaged with us in an intensive one to one recovery coaching programme with our fully trained, experienced addiction specialists.

Family Intervention

The stress and strain of trying to help someone you love beat addiction takes a toll and so we always offer family support as a part of our addiction services. It might be that the person refuses help. If so an Intervention may be necessary. When someone agrees to accepting help with their addiction, they begin a process which changes them and the family dynamic.  Relationships have been impacted by a persons addictive behaviour. Your health and wellbeing might have affected due to the constant struggle. Many family members experience anger, fear and even shame. Feeling alone with a loved ones addiction is common and we encourage you as a family to connect with us and each other. In this way, the family can heal.

Family Support Service    Addiction Family support

supporting your loved one in finding freedom from alcohol or drugs can be difficult. Once a person has stopped using, you might not be sure of the best way forward. It can be described as forging a new relationship. As in any relationship, healthy boundaries which may have been crossed previously, need to be established. It can be difficult to approach this and so we invite families to work with us to see what is acceptable to them. Our family support service provides information on addiction, relapse prevention strategies and supports you for as long as needed. We are here to answer the questions you may have and support you in the journey from addiction to recovery

If you would like to know more about our family support service, Recovery Coaching, or need to discuss an intervention, Please contact us.