Addiction Referral Agents

Addiction Treatment -The best option?

Search for Addiction treatment options online and you will find the first page is dominated by a number of companies offering free advice to help you find the right treatment option. Addiction referral agents focus on commission. There is no doubt that these addiction services have experience and know a lot about residential treatment. The helplines are designed to channel potential clients into residential centres with which the referral agent has an agreement. This practice is common and widespread in the UK and does mean that emphasis on profit can take precedence over the best option for the client.    addiction referral agents


The media have been focusing on the high fees some referral agents take from treatment centres. A bigger concern is that clients who put their trust in these big companies are unaware that the facility that has been   suggested is from a limited list. In some cases the ‘choices’ offered are actually owned by the Agent!

Free advice?

Offering a free advice service which has no direct impact on the client is actually  good practice!
In an attempt to be transparent, Treatment Link has always publicly stated that we do take a small commission when we refer to some rehabs.  This is a small part of our business and we work hard to actually find the best treatment option for our clients. There are other companies like ours, but you might have to go a bit further to find them!

Addiction Services with values

We believe that offering a range of professional services gives clients choice in finding a solution to addiction. Of course this is exactly what you might read on any of the top ranking adverts run by Addiction  Referral agents. It might be that legislation will bring an end to the current situation and we would certainly like to see transparency being a requirement rather than an option. Having said all of that, there are honest, dedicated addiction professionals who offer services with dedication and integrity. Treatment Link is proud  to be one of them. To access our services, or for a confidential consultation, contact us.