The cost of addiction services

The Cost of Addiction Services

The cost of addiction services  in the UK has been rising steadily over the last 10 years. Government services have been cut to such an extent that many are forced to pay for private addiction treatment and are finding it difficult to pay for longer than a few weeks. Rehabs have widely re modelled their treatment programmes to reflect this and so typically offer a 4 week programme as standard. It is well documented and agreed that the effectiveness of residential treatment for a long term drug/alcohol problem increases with the length of time in a rehab. In 2010 it was normal practice to be admitted into a treatment facility for 12 weeks.

What is the Cost of Rehab?

Prices of residential addiction rehabilitation vary depending on the location, length of stay and standard of accommodation. There is a vast range of facilities that are available, many which boast excellent facilities and luxury. It is important when considering a treatment centre to look to the quality of treatment as well as the accommodation. Unfortunately even the centres at entry level are not cheap! We have been referring to treatment for over 10 years and have found that the minimum cost which gives good accommodation and excellent treatment is around £7000. There are some that are cheaper than this, but be cautious when considering these budget centres. Here at Treatment Link, we always try to match your needs and budget to a suitable centre, and one which we trust! Please feel free to call or email if you need any advice on this.

Addiction Support

addiction servicesThough 28 days in rehab is a relatively short treatment, this is a valuable foundation for sustained addiction recovery. Many that have engaged in the treatment programme leave in a much better state of mind and body than when they first arrived. Having remained abstinent for 28 days, they will have learned a lot about themselves and their addiction process. Regardless of how confident they might be though, this is the most vulnerable time and it is vital that they continue the recovery process. The rehab centres we work with do an excellent job of preparing an individual to live without using, but this has to be continued within the community with peer and/or professional support.

Free Services

A free resource to support people who need help with addiction is the 12 step fellowships. Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous have helped many and those that have engaged with them and been able to remain free from their addiction. These services are free and give an individual a sense of being connected to other people in recovery which is singularly most important and especially in the first weeks/months after addiction treatment.  Smart Recovery is an alternative to the 12 step fellowships and is also a free service available to anyone seeking support in addiction recovery.

Recovery Coach

For those looking for  professional addiction services, a relatively new form of help has become available. A Recovery Coach who is trained and qualified will work closely with a person, guiding them through the first weeks or months of early recovery. They draw on their own experience and training to give one to one support and be engaged with a client who is leaving treatment. Here at Treatment link our Recovery Coaches will work with clients before, during and after treatment and have been the vital source of support that is needed to ensure success. If you would like to find out more about the options available when looking for help with addiction, or to talk with us about our addiction services, including Recovery Coaching, please contact us via our contact page, by email, or just call – We are here to help!