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The cost of addiction services

Published on the 12th June, 2019 | John

The cost of addiction services

The cost of addiction services  in the UK has been rising steadily over the last 10 years. Government services have been cut to such an extent that many are forced to pay for private addiction treatment and are finding it difficult to pay for longer than a few weeks. Rehabs have widely re modelled their treatment programmes to reflect this and so typically offer a 4 week programme as standard. It is well documented and agreed that the effectiveness of residential treatment for a long term drug/alcohol problem increases with the length of time in a rehab and in 2010 it was normal practice to be admitted into a treatment facility for 12 weeks.

addiction services

This change in how long we can afford to send our loved ones to rehab has meant that many are leaving treatment ill equipped to deal with the difficulties of sobriety and after relapsing are re entering treatment.

Addiction support

To support people who need help with addiction there are available the 12 step fellowships. Alcoholics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous have helped many and those that have engaged with them and been able to remain free from their addiction.

Recovery Coach

For those looking for  professional addiction services, a relatively new form of help has become available. A Recovery Coach who is trained and qualified will work closely with a person, guiding them through the first weeks or months of early recovery. They draw on their own experience and training to give one to one support and be engaged with a client who is leaving treatment. Here at Treatment link our Recovery Coaches will work with clients before, during and after treatment and have been the vital source of support that is needed to ensure success.

If you would like to find out more about the options available when looking for help with addiction, or to talk with us about our addiction services, including Recovery Coaching, please contact us via our contact page, by email, or just call – We are here to help!