Addiction Treatment and Recovery Coaching

Addiction Treatment

I have spoken to a lot of people over the years about their experience of being in addiction treatment centres for help with addiction. It is interesting to hear the good and bad aspects from a clients perspective.
One thing that I often hear is that the days can be repetitive and monotonous. Routine is not a bad thing. To engage in change  requires forming new habits and creating a structured organised routine and is a big part of what treatment is about.
in the many addiction treatment centres I have reviewed, a clients day will include a lot of therapeutic activities such as process groups, and ( in 12 step communities) step worksheets. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact there are some excellent councillors facilitating life changing process groups within excellent addiction treatment centres.

Addiction TreatmentAddiction – Recovery Coaching

The real challenge for someone leaving residential treatment is maintaining sobriety. The fact that many people relapse directly after receiving treatment is a problem that we have worked hard to help with.  Our trained and certified specialist Recovery Coaches  encourage and motivate clients to become active in their recovery. Working closely in  One 2 One sessions, our recovery coaching programmes have been a real support for people in early recovery.    To find out more information on Recovery Coaching – Click here


Addiction is very much about the brain and the mind. But the body also plays a big part in changing how we think and feel. Engaging in exercise, practising yoga or dance movement has real benefits in terms of altering mood and energy levels. We know that we need to look after ourselves  and yet this aspect of healing is often not given priority in  addiction treatment programmes. Treatment Link have been working with people  leaving residential addiction treatment and supporting them in maintaining recovery. We can begin working with you or your loved one. Call us today to arrange.

A coach in residential treatment

In considering this I began to look into bringing what I practice as a coach into treatment. I piloted my MBS workshop in a 12 step treatment facility in Bedfordshire where it has been very successful. It has been popular with clients, so much so that I was asked to deliver the same workshop in London.
Motivating a person to reach higher, to step out of their comfort zone is what I am all about. I have had the privilege of witnessing some real lightbulb moments with  clients who have heard it all before and until then have been sceptically unmotivated become interested in their recovery. The rewards are worth the hard work and motivates me to continue to work with clients in and out of treatment.
Building a bridge between therapy and Coaching takes courage and open minded willingness.

Addiction treatment centres are helping people to be free from their addiction. We are here to provide continuing support when they leave.

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