Alcohol Rehab Bedfordshire

Alcohol Rehab Bedfordshire

When looking for an alcohol rehab Bedfordshire has a number of facilities which deal with alcohol and drug addiction.       alcohol Rehab Bedfordshire

The question you might ask is do I need rehab? The answer to that question is actually simple. If you have spent time trying to control the amount you are drinking, and still find yourself drunk, you have an alcohol problem and you may need help! It might be that for periods of time you have managed to stay sober. But if you find yourself drinking again after a period of sobriety, and find you lose control of the amount you drink then treatment at an alcohol rehab may be the best option.

Which Rehab – Detox Centre?

Knowing which alcohol rehab is going to provide excellent treatment and is not too expensive can be difficult.To answer this question I would like to let you know that Treatment Link is based in Bedfordshire and so have insight concerning the alcohol rehabs Bedfordshire. We are independent and will gladly advise you on the right rehab, or detox centre for you or your loved one.  Although there are some excellent alcohol rehab centres in Bedfordshire and throughout the UK, there are also some which have websites that look promising and yet, in our experience do not offer all they claim to.

If you or a loved one has an alcohol problem – We can help! To find out more on Alcohol and drug rehabs in Bedfordshire, call us or visit our FAQs page. We will assess your situation and be able to suggest one of the centres we trust.

Alternative Support             

Alcohol addiction damages individual and family relationships. Trying to help a family member without help from professionals can be a difficult task. There are options in terms of accessing help. Residential treatment is definitely the preferred option and we would advise at least a medical detox for those who have been drinking daily. Withdrawal from alcohol is dangerous without medical supervision and can be life threatening. There are occasions however where residential treatment is not needed. We will be able to discuss options available as an alternative to rehab, such as our intensive Recovery Coaching Programme.

alcohol addiction and recovery coachingOur fully trained and experienced addiction professionals can work with you to break the cycle of addiction. To learn more about alcohol addiction in Bedfordshire, please visit our senior Recovery Coach  here.  Please contact us or call  to find out more about our services.