Alcohol Detox at home?

Is it possible to complete an alcohol detox at home?

An alcohol detox at home is possible, but of course there are some major hurdles to consider in making the decision to stop drinking at home. The first one being safety.

Alcohol detox at home

Where to begin

Anyone who has been drinking for a period of time is likely to experience withdrawal symptoms which can be very dangerous, even fatal if not managed with correct medication and medical supervision. Attempting an alcohol detox at home would never be advisable without first being assessed by a doctor and the appropriate medication prescribed. Also detoxing alone would not be a good idea. Being monitored by a trained professional who can recognise acute withdrawal syndrome is important and as well as being a support during the difficult process, would be able to be able to act in an emergency should it arise.

The best option for alcohol detox

alcohol detox at home

Our first suggestion to our clients is to be admitted into a specialist detox unit. It is definitely the safest option and has other benefits. Being in the company of other people who are in the same position means that there is mutual support in what can be a very difficult time. Also it is worth pointing out that although a stay in a treatment centre is not cheap, a home detox is likely to be more expensive as it would involve several professionals including a Doctor, nurse and recovery coach (sober companion).

When one of our clients has decided that they are going to commit to an alcohol detox at home, we have arranged for our specialist doctor to give a full medical assessment and prescribe medication. One of our trained recovery coaches has then been with the them throughout the detox period at their home.

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