Alcohol detox – Rehab

 Alcohol detox – rehab centres

When drinking has become a problem and you are considering an alcohol detox – rehab, there probably has been a long period before you make that call where  you find yourself trawling the web after various attempts at sorting it out on your own. Trying to reduce the amount you are drinking is a great idea, and may work for a while, but inevitably for some, leads to a return to the same levels – and often to a marked increase.

Control alcohol detox

Changing the type of alcohol you drink might seem like a change worth trying, and many do. The fact is though that whatever you drink, a fine chardonnay from crystal glass, or tins of white cider, it is the amount of alcohol ingested that begins to damage body and mind. When the attempts at controlling the amount you drink by changing brands, or even limiting availability (I have a client who moved to Sweden where alcohol is not as readily available) have not worked, it might be time to consider a new strategy.


Recognising that you are not successfully limiting the amount you drink eventually leads to decision to stop. That decision might be made with determination and for good reasons, (the consequences of sustained heavy drinking often include damage to your health and harm to those you love)  An alcohol detox might be the best way to be supported in that process, in fact it is dangerous to attempt abruptly stopping drinking without medical supervision.

Rehab Options

I often hear people telling me that they want to do something about their drinking, but inform me that detox didn’t work. If you have found yourself in the situation where a short intervention in a treatment centre hasn’t meant you have managed to stay sober, or regain control of the amount you drink, a longer period of rehabilitation may be required. There are many rehab centres that have an alcohol detox unit as a part of their facility and which will work with you therapeutically. Typically a stay in rehab can be from 4-12 weeks. Prices vary depending on the accommodation and facilities.  We have listings of addiction rehab centres we trust from Bedfordshire to Scotland, throughout the UK and a few in exotic locations such as Thailand and South Africa.

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