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Do I need an Alcohol Rehab?

Published on the 10th February, 2019 | John

Alcohol rehab

Alcohol Rehab

A question I am often asked is “Do I need an alcohol rehab ?”

The answer to this question really depends on you looking back at your own history and experiences of trying to stay sober on your own.

You may have a lot of willpower and managed to stay dry for periods of time, only to find yourself drinking again. Most people will recognise this cycle of drinking to excess, deciding to stop, staying sober and at some point drinking again. 

Staying Sober

For most people an important change, such as a new baby, or a medical scare will be enough for them to either reduce the amount they are drinking, or decide to quit altogether.

You might have already made this decision many times, perhaps sticking to the plan for a while feeling certain that you will not go back to the booze, only to find yourself falling back into old habits again.

If your experience is that you are caught in this cycle, then you might need help!

The fact is, many people who are desperately trying to find a way to drink sensibly are willing to believe that they will achieve this and continue to try even after many attempts.

Alcohol Rehab – Detox

Alcohol Rehab

If you recognise the patterns of drinking behaviour described, it is likely that a decision to try stopping altogether is the only way forward. An alcohol rehab is for those with sufficient funds, the best way to gain the tools and support needed to achieve this and there are some excellent facilities available.

However, there are alternatives. It is always important to remember that it is very dangerous to abruptly stop drinking on your own. There is a risk that you might have serious side effects and they can be fatal. 

An alcohol detox can be facilitated by a rehab centre and is usually for between 1 and 2 weeks. 


If you have already stopped and want to avoid going back to drinking, then there are some valuable resources available

Alcoholics Anonymous help many people who want to stay sober and their 12 step programme has been successfully supporting people for many years. There are other non 12 step support groups such as who can also help. A Recovery Coach or Sober Companion offers professional one to one support and can begin working with you at any point in your journey.

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