Alcohol – Support

 Alcohol Support

Alcohol takes centre stage in the thoughts of many when considering a good time. For those who want to abstain from alcohol support is vital. Though determination and resolve may be effective in staying sober, the holiday period can be difficult to navigate without the structure and routine of work etc. Being around and socialising with other sober people is paramount in maintaining sobriety and the fellowships of Alcoholics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous offer a safe environment for those wishing to stay sober. There are meetings open to anyone with an alcohol or drug problem both face to face and online. Sober Companion and Recovery Coaching are professional services giving one to one support.

Recovery Coaching – Sober Companions   alcohol support Help

Our Recovery Coaching support programmes have been effective in guiding people into finding their way in early recovery. We work with men and women on a one to one basis and create a structured programme around the person. We can work online, face to face, or can use combination of both, forming a relationship with our clients and supporting them in reaching their recovery goals. We focus primarily on addressing the challenges encountered in maintaining abstinence. All of our staff have experienced difficulties with alcohol and or drugs.  This experience, with professional training, is why our recovery coaching team are best suited to support and guide a person from addiction to recovery.

One to One Support 

Working one to one in this way  has helped many to find their feet and be able to stay sober. This is especially valuable if you are leaving detox or rehab. The first weeks and months after addiction treatment is where a person is most vulnerable and we can arrange for one of our recovery specialists to be ready to begin work with you immediately after treatment. It might be that you are not yet committed to stopping and  we are happy to consider working with you or a loved one wherever you are. If you are trying to get sober, or in recovery looking for additional support, we can help!

Sober Companions

Our sober companion service allows for you to be supported at home, on a trip, here in the uk and internationally. We stay with you on difficult journeys and ensure that you get to your destination safely. A sober Companion can be engaged for a single event or journey, but also might be required to spend a longer period of time supporting you. If you are about to leave rehab, a sober companion/driver can be engaged to keep you safe from temptation on the journey home. Whatever your circumstances, contact us to discuss how we can help.


Family Support

I am often asked by families about how to support their loved one. The worry and fear that drives a family to try and try again to help can be an exhausting endeavour. Unfortunately, even though a person might achieve sobriety, a family often still suffers. Fear, anxiety and resentment can consume family members. As suggested earlier, it is important that someone trying to stay sober has peer support. It is equally important that you as a family member has support. Fellowships such as Al-Anon  and Famanon have been helping families to overcome their difficulties for a long time. Here at Treatment Link we offer a family support service and are happy to discuss how we can help and support you in dealing with addiction. If you have a loved one who is refusing help, our Family Intervention Services provide guidance and  support in finding a resolution. To have an informal chat about how we can support you, please arrange a call today.