Am I an alcoholic?

This a question I am asked by people struggling to stop drinking, and by those who can stop, but always find they start again. The problem then is usually more about the latter. Are you are having concerns about your drinking? Do you decide to stop and manage to do so, only to start again? When you drink do you drink more than you intended? We can help with  Alcohol Addiction in Hertfordshire – Bedfordshire and London.

AUD    AUD Alcoholic?

These are the sort of questions I ask when trying to ascertain if someone has a condition called Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) or alcoholism. It is sometimes comforting to assume that because you have a job, only drink at weekends, and drink fine wine, you cant possibly be alcoholic. But if you still find yourself getting drunk at that weekend party that you promised to stay sober at, and if you decided to quit altogether and didn’t, then you may be on dangerous ground. Call us to find out more.

Many people enjoy drinking and it is an acceptable way to unwind in social gatherings and events. Social drinking can include people getting drunk and we see this type of binge drinking in many of the towns and cities here in the UK  Behaviour often becomes irrational and sometimes aggressive because of over indulgence.


If they were to ask themselves Am I an alcoholic? most would say no and most would be right. They might be drinking too much, and it may become a problem, but will be able to control how much they drink, or stop entirely. When someone has developed AUD, this control becomes harder to maintain until the worsening consequences of being drunk motivates them to stop. Then at some point, they start again, hoping to be able to have a few drinks, they lose control and get drunk again.

This cycle is littered with events that result in feelings of guilt, shame and regret. Not understanding why they find themselves drunk again, they fall into a state of depression which can make being sober uncomfortable, even unbearable and they drink to feel better.

Getting help with Alcohol Addiction

This decline can at first be shrugged off and many carry on trying to drink socially with their friends. Sadly many lose all contact with these non alcoholic drinkers and end up drinking alone. Treating Alcohol Addiction often begins with an Alcohol Detox and then Rehab.  One to one support with a Recovery Coach who can guide a person looking to break this cycle to live a life in recovery.

If you are asking yourself  Am I an alcoholic? If you need help with Alcohol Addiction,  Call us today for confidential advice.