Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine Addiction  

  Looking  for help with cocaine addiction and crack cocaine use has become a common request. We have enquiries daily about this powerful stimulant and usually from desperate family members who see first hand the devastating effects of this powerful stimulant on their loved one.

Cocaine and Crack.           Cocaine rehab

Cocaine and its concentrated derivative ‘Crack’ has become prevalent in every town and city within the UK and its use has now overtaken that of Heroin. Regular use creates havoc for the user and their families. The dependable euphoria when taken is intense (especially with crack) and also short lived, meaning that more is very quickly needed to regain the high.The low then experienced can feel devastating and the compulsion to regain the high is intense


For many years there was a notion amongst drug users and some professionals that cocaine was not addictive. This has changed in recent years and it is now recognised as one of the most addictive drugs available and drags an addict to their knees much more quickly than heroin or alcohol. When talking to a client hoping to get help with cocaine addiction, there is nearly always other substances involved. Coming down from the extreme high leaves a user in a state of agitation which inevitably leads to them seeking a sedative to ease the ‘wired’ state they are in. The number one sedative that so often goes hand in hand with crack cocaine is heroin and often both substances are being used on a regular basis.

Treatment – Rehab

Unlike heroin, there is not a synthetic substitute to allow a cocaine user to be weaned off. Treatment of a habitual user is difficult and complex, beginning with abstinence (often carried out in a detox centre) and continuing with therapeutic support in a rehab facility, with a recovery coach, or with the support of groups such as Cocaine Anonymous or Smart recovery. The devastation caused by Cocaine has been exasperated by the availability of its more concentrated derivative ‘crack’ and continues to damage the lives of families across the whole of the UK. If you would like help with cocaine addiction, contact us to find out how we can help.