Family Addiction Intervention

Addiction Intervention

When you are watching a family member fall deeper into the depths of addiction and you cannot reach them, a family addiction intervention is one way which can allow your loved one to see the truth. When Steven was approached by his brother and asked to talk about his drinking and wanted to help him with his addiction, he immediately became defensive and would not even discuss his brothers concerns.


The family had been watching Stevens behaviour changing for years and  though on occasion he had said he knew he needed to slow down.  This never happened. In fact in the last year he had become very isolated and withdrawn and would not consider getting help for his addiction. After trying to help by being gentle, getting angry, and even threatening to turn their back on him, the family looked for help. They found Treatment Link and asked us to arrange a Family Addiction Intervention.

Family Intervention

One of our services which has been used by many families is a  family addiction Intervention. We worked with the key family members to stage a meeting in which Stevens loved ones managed to find their voices and in a controlled and loving way were able to convince him that he needed help. The process from first contact to transporting Steven to an alcohol rehab  took 12 days. The length of time taken to complete the intervention process varies, as does our approach. We assess the individual and family conditions to work effectively with you and spend time in finding the route which will work. We have found that when you have become tired of trying to offer help to someone close to you, an intervention with a trained practitioner gives the best chance of breaking the denial that is so common in people suffering from addiction.

We can help!Addiction Intervention

There are different types of addiction intervention and we will find the best approach for the family and individual. From the Johnson model to the more gentle arise, we will use a bespoke model that will reach your loved one and allow the helping hand offered to be accepted. We can also engage with an individual on a one to one basis  over a period of days or weeks and this approach is useful especially where family contact is not possible. Find out more about our Recovery Coaching here.

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