How long do I have to stay in rehab?

How long do I have to stay in rehab?     how long do I stay in rehab? cost of addiction treatment

When looking for a suitable rehab, one of the first questions asked is “how long do I have to stay in rehab?” Most addiction treatment centres in the UK are now geared to provide a 4 week programme. That might seem a long time, but is actually a lot shorter than residential treatment 10 years ago which was 12 weeks. The reason for this change is primarily financial. The rise in addiction treatment costs has meant that for many a 12 week stay is too expensive.

Four Weeks – Twelve?

Rehabs have adopted the 4 week model from the USA. They tend to design their treatment programmes around this time frame. There are treatment centres which still follow the 12 week model and it is possible to extend any treatment programme. Treatment Link regularly refer clients needing detox and rehab to centres within the UK and overseas. All of our recommendations are based upon the needs of our clients and are centres which have excellent treatment programmes. We visit the centres we use and have assessed them before we add them to our lists.

Is Four weeks in Treatment Enough?

Evidence suggests that longer terms of residential addiction treatment have a better outcome than shorter ones. However rehab is really only a beginning. It is also important to consider the individual circumstances of the person looking for addiction treatment. The substances used, amounts and frequency play a part in determining the appropriate time needed to be effective. Someone with a benzodiazepine problem will often need an extensive detoxification. They may find that at the end of 4 weeks have not finished their detox and this can be difficult to continue at home. We are always happy to advise on treatment options and will give you our honest and unbiased opinion on the length of time that will best suit your circumstances

Cost of Addiction Treatment

The cost of residential addiction treatment in the UK varies depending upon the treatment centre, their facilities and location. Treatment Link refer clients to rehab and detox centres based on their needs and budget. We use a small number of treatment centres that we trust and which start from approximately £7000 based on 28 days treatment. Although there may be centres that offer lower prices, we have found  quality addiction treatment centres start at this cost level.

NHS Treatment

It is possible to receive funding from the NHS for residential addiction treatment. Addiction is recognised as an illness. Treatment can be accessed through local drug and alcohol services, few are offered residential treatment. Most of the services are community based. Clients attend weekly group sessions and have access to a key worker who will access the needs of a person and form an action plan. Gaining NHS funding through these frontline services is a long process and cuts in budgets has meant that few are considered for residential treatment.

Support after rehab

Regardless of the length of time spent in a residential treatment centre, support and self care post treatment is vital. The 12 step programme has helped many people maintain their recovery from addiction and remains a valuable resource. Engaging a recovery coach gives one to one professional support and is a service now used by many. Addiction recovery coaching is particularly effective immediately after residential addiction treatment. Our professionally trained recovery coaches have all experienced addiction problems. This allows them to connect with someone on a level which other professionals find difficult. The question of how long do I stay in rehab is an important consideration. But as important is aftercare. For further information please follow the links or feel free to contact us directly via telephone, email or chat online.