Residential addiction treatment

Residential addiction treatment

Residential addiction treatment for drugs and alcohol is often done by searching for help online and you might ask questions such as ‘Which rehab?’ or ‘Help with a drug problem’. The results will be a host of companies offering advice and rehabs displaying their facilities.
Choosing one that you can trust to give you the information you need is difficult. The cost of residential  treatment is high and finding the right place at the right price is important. We can advise you in choosing a private residential treatment centre, please contact us for details.
To enter into this process with funds is hard enough, but what about the family who has little or no money available?

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At Treatment Link, clients often ask how they might be funded for residential addiction treatment. The answer is a sad reminder of how underfunded our addiction services have become. There are NHS funded frontline services which offer information on harm reduction and peer support groups. An opiate user may be offered a substitute such as Buprenorphine. But to be considered for the very limited residential rehab placements is a long and complicated process in which a client is required to engage with the service and show motivation. Then after weeks and sometimes months, they may be able to be put forward for funding to enter residential treatment.
This kind of intervention has been successful for some people. For many though, the cycle of addiction based behaviour and chaotic lifestyle makes regular engagement in a day service difficult
It seems the people in need of the most intensive care and support are asked to jump through hoops to show commitment and are not receiving the residential addiction treatment needed.


When trying to help someone with a drug or alcohol problem, one of the alternatives to rehab, that some of our clients have chosen is  home detox and  engage a Recovery Coach. One to one support is valuable to someone who is looking for help and can be a lot cheaper than residential treatment. A home detox might be suitable depending on your circumstances and so please  contact us to find out more.