Sober Coach – From Addiction to Recovery

Sober Coach – Support from Addiction to Recovery

People often ask for information on how to access support after leaving residential addiction treatment. A  Sober Coach can help.

 Often referred to as a sober coach or sober companion, a qualified recovery coach is equipped with the training and experience to be able to guide and motivate you in early recovery.  Addiction Recovery CoachingMany of our clients have found that working with a coach to support them in the first months after leaving rehab has given them the tools to be able to avoid relapse and to maintain their recovery from addiction. Our specialist Recovery Coaches have experienced addiction and can guide a person in finding their feet in early recovery.

Why Recovery Coaching?

A concept developed in the USA, recovery coaching has become an important part of many treatment programmes and though here in the UK some rehabs may offer access to a coach. Most only offer weekly group aftercare sessions.  A sober coach gives a  more personal and intensive level of support which has proven to be vital, especially to those who are not sure how to move forward in their lives. The growth of recovery coaching in the UK has seen a rise in trained and certified recovery coaches that are available and offering support to people wherever they are.

Though Our Recovery Coaching programme is mainly utilised by people looking for help post rehab, we also work with people who are seeking support while still actively engaged in addiction, as well as supporting people seeking an alternative to rehab.

Addiction Support

The role of a sober coach is varied and though has a framework based on training, often requires a coach to be flexible and to be able to adapt to situations which a person might find themselves in. A sober companion (another term used for a recovery coach) might need to accompany someone who needs to make a journey and our transportation service uses a recovery coach to ensure someone gets to their destination without incident. We have also have been engaged to provide a coach for someone who needs support on a work assignment as well as being there for a person taking a flight to enter treatment

It is the training, experience and versatility of a recovery coach that makes this kind of addiction recovery work so valuable and has been a service  Treatment Link have always offered to clients looking for help. If you would like to know more, contact us today.