Sober Companion Services – Addiction Recovery Support

Sober Companion Services – Recovery Coaching

Sober Companion Services are being used by families who are looking for personal support for their loved ones. The rise in this form of addiction recovery support in Bedfordshire and throughout the UK has had a beneficial impact on families and individuals worried about living sober or free from drugs in a world that is difficult to navigate, especially in the first weeks or months after treatment. Our Sober Companion Services offer a one to one engagement and can be based wherever you are, Face 2 Face or Online.


Treatment to Recovery

The most difficult journey to and from rehab can be risk free when a trained sober companion is present. Individually tailored companion services give the support needed when difficult work assignments take a person away from the safety of their home. There is security in the reassuring presence that empowers a person to stay on the path to recovery.       sober companion services addiction Bedfordshire UK

It is well documented that the first few months in recovery can be difficult. Without support, there is the danger of relapse and so the rise of recovery coaching and sober companions has been a resource that has given many a surefooted start in their recovery from addiction.

Our Recovery Coaching services vary and are always tailored to the needs of our clients. A sober companion can be engaged for a single day or event whereas our one to one coaching programmes usually are over a longer period of time. Whatever your situation,  wherever you are, we can help!




  • Discreet and confidential

  • Single and long term sober companion  engagements                  

  • Sober Transportation

  • Face to Face and Online services


Professional –  Certified

It is important that when considering using Sober Companion Services, you check that the person has been properly trained and is certified to practice this skilful role. Although not yet a legal requirement in the UK, experienced and qualified professionals are available and Treatment Link offers this professional service delivered by certified, experienced Recovery specialists.

We have found that our Recovery coaching and Sober Companion services are a bridge to recovery for many of our clients that have been to treatment, and for those who are looking for better ways to remain sober. Our sober companion will share what they have learnt in their own journey and be able to give direction to those feeling unsure in their sobriety. Visit one of our Recovery Coaches at their page here and If you would like to learn more on how we can help you or a loved one to gain or maintain recovery from addiction – please call or email us today!