Addicts and the power of healthy relationships

Addiction and Relationships

As addicts, many of us had difficulty in our relationships.  Our drinking or using was a problem that we wished to hide from our families.  For a lot of addicts that meant keeping them at arms length. Becoming isolated in addiction is a common situation that in order to recover, must be addressed.

The whole picture

Addicts alone

The video below is a Ted talk from 2015.  Robert Waldinger explains the results of a unique study of a group of people. Updated annually, the study follows them from early teens until old age.  The results in terms of health and happiness are profound.

The study found that those that had formed and cultivated healthy relationships were  more satisfied with their lives.  They also were healthier and lived longer. Though not a unique perspective, this is the first and only study which has come to this conclusion based upon a study of the whole of a group of mens’ lives.

Addiction and fellowship

It is no secret that addicts in recovery, whether they are part of a fellowship such as AA or NA, or engage with other recovery groups find strength and a sense of belonging in those relationships. There is no doubt that freedom from addiction is more likely to succeed when these bonds are established than when an addict tries to make it alone.

The focus then of a person in recovery has to be in part, on their relationships. Propagating healthy loving relationships, is what has given the Harvard study group members the best rewards.

I think the same is true for us.  A very interesting video which is worth the 15 minutes to watch.

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John Port