Drinking/Using – Detox – Rehab

Drinking/using -Detox – Rehab

When you decide you want to stop drinking/using the first point of enquiry is likely to be google.Trying to gather as much information as possible, you might decide to talk to someone from one of the rehabs you are looking at. Treatment centres make this easy by offering free helplines and live chat windows etc. The problem is, that obviously whoever you talk to has an agenda. Primarily to convince you to spend your money with them. drinking/using help There are some excellent addiction treatment centres and some that are frankly not. 

Rehab – Are there options?

How you decide really depends upon a few things. Do you know for sure you need detox, or rehab? If you ask the nice man from the rehab, he will say yes. (They have beds to fill)

But are there alternatives?  What should I do after detox?  These are questions which at Treatment Link we are always happy to answer. Our helpline has been answering questions like these for years and we always give you advice based on your needs. For some that means Detox/Rehab. But others may be better suited engaging with a Recovery Coach – perhaps attending 12 step fellowships such as AA   NA or smart recovery meetings.

Who to trust

If you already are sure that you need rehab, then looking for the best drug/alcohol addiction treatment at the right price is difficult. Do you trust the treatment centre advisor? Or perhaps go with a 3rd party agent who also has a monetary interest in your choice?

At Treatment Link, we have always put you the client first, and though we do receive a small commission from some of the providers we recommend, we will endeavour to offer you a place at a facility that is best for you. Our focus is on providing a sustainable pathway into recovery and to support you on this journey.

We Invite you to look at our Recovery Coaching service and our full support plan which gives you  support from Addiction to Recovery and also to call us if you have any questions, or would like to discuss how we can help you to stop drinking/using.