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Treatment Plan

Recovery starts with a decision to make a change followed by reaching out for help. The action required to achieve your goal must be sustained and so we have devised this treatment plan which will support you from the initial call you make, right through to ongoing guidance in recovery.
We can tailor this plan to your specific needs and will arrange all of the details once an agreement is reached.
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Treatment plan is a complete seamless  bringing together all of our services to give you the best chance in reaching and exceeding your goals and enjoying sustained recovery. This is where we can provide you with the benefit of all of our services tailoring to your specific needs a  transition from addiction to recovery.

  We will work with you and produce a bespoke plan of action which, when agreed upon we will put into motion, combining all of our resources to make the process as easy and stress free as possible.From Intervention (if needed) We can arrange for entry into a treatment facility that meets your needs and organise all of the admission details with the detox-rehab centre  and ensure your safe  Transportation to and from the centre you choose. Our Recovery coach will begin working with you and follow the  schedule of engagement which will have been arranged and agreed with you beforehand.

Each individual will have different needs and circumstances and so we are always willing to tailor this programme to our clients and adapt to any changes. If you would like to talk to us about this complete service, please call us

This package includes:


Our policy is to always try to meet and exceed the expectations and requirements of our clients. To achieve this, we will listen carefully to you, will ask specific questions to ascertain the exact nature of the problem and will do our very best to ensure admission to the detox clinic or rehab which meets your needs.

From the moment you work with us via telephone, Skype or email, we will organize all of the details and arrangements with the detox clinic and also can arrange for door to door transportation. In short, we take the additional stress of getting you or your loved one into detox, allowing you to concentrate on preparation for the challenge ahead.

Sober Companion Transport

Our Transportation service Gives the client a smooth transition into addiction treatment as well as offering peace of mind to family members.
The car usually used is a top specification Volvo s60 and the driver is a certified recovery coach and experienced mature driver. If you require assistance in taking an international journey, our Sober Companion will support you throughout the entire journey and see you safely to your destination.

Recovery Coaching

Taking positive action to achieve and your goals is especially important for a person leaving treatment or committing to abstinence.
Our certified Recovery Coaches are here to help you!

Addiction Intervention

When you see a loved one trapped in addiction and they seem to deny it is happening, or simply will not accept addiction help, a professional intervention will help to break the denial and give the person using a clear view of their situation, how it is harming them as well as their family. To simply present the facts around the behaviour of your loved one would be of no use unless made with an offer of help and in a loving way.
An addiction interventionist will guide family members in delivering a view of what they see happening to their loved one, how it makes them feel, and importantly, offer the help they need.
Addiction affects the whole family - We can help you help them.
Further reading -Family Addiction


As each plan is completely unique to your requirements, we suggest that you contact us to discuss what you need and we will do our very best to provide an estimate of the  costs.

Call:       01582 318597

text:       07446 260817


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What previous clients have said

Phillip Said...

John was an amazing help. Kind, understanding, and professional. He supported me from start to finish and continued after with a kind tone, and the perfect words for those looking for help. I would recommend his services to anyone. Due to the sober transportation he provided  I was able to make the long journey home.

Phillip, Advertising New York -

Linda Crawley Said...

I first contacted Treatment link confused and completely unaware of my options. My family was breaking down and I was about to lose my job. John guided me through the whole process, arranged admission to detox and transportation. After leaving the treatment centre I was supported by Treatment link and have found a healthier, happier me!

Linda Crawley, Database engineer working in London, UK -

Mark Hammlett Said...

Thank you Treatment link for giving me the facts without the hard sell! I trusted your advice and found the help I needed as well as a really great recovery coach who has helped me to start enjoying being sober.

Mark Hammlett, Business owner Bedfordshire -

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