Online Addiction Services

Online Addiction Services

Online Addiction Services have been present within our delivery of services structure for some years.  COVID-19 has forced many people struggling to find help with addiction to consider alternative routes into addiction treatment.            Online Addiction Services

Treatment Link is committed in continuing to give help and support and offer our professional online addiction services to anyone suffering with alcohol and drug problems.

Addiction Intervention

As well as our online services, we are still engaging with families and supporting them in the sometimes difficult task of convincing loved ones to accept help. Where appropriate, we are engaging in person and adhere to safety protocols.

Our Family Intervention Service is a well established process in which we prepare families to be part of a professional intervention. This has been successful in allowing a family member to accept the help they need.  We deliver most of this type of addiction support online, using a dedicated remote platform, telephone and email. This means that we can work with you as family wherever you are located.

Helpline – Residential Addiction Treatment

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Our free and confidential helpline helps families to find the best addiction treatment options both from within our services and by way of referral to residential treatment centres. Finding a suitable Rehab is particularly challenging now and many are closed. We are referring to some of the facilities we trust and who have implemented  safety protocols that are safeguarding their clients.  We are working closely with a select number of drug/alcohol rehab centres within the UK which provide alcohol detox, drug detox and longer periods of residential addiction treatment.

Recovery Coaching – Online            

Although residential treatment is advisable, and sometimes necessary, our online addiction services are effective. Our one to one Addiction Recovery Coaching programme has helped many who had not wanted to commit to residential treatment. Our Recovery Coach is trained and experienced in delivering addiction recovery services.

For more information on how our addiction services can support you, please contact us today