Just stop drinking

Just stop drinking?

If to stop drinking is the answer to escaping the cycle of alcohol addiction, there wouldn’t be as many entering treatment multiple times.  Many of the clients I work with have been in rehab before. They had decided to stop drinking, then started again. They left treatment with confidence and were determined not to drink again.  Support immediately after leaving treatment by engaging in a sobriety peer group, or by engaging with a Recovery Coach is vital.

The problem often is that after stopping drinking and being in a detox centre, they hadn’t engaged in a process of recovery. Feeling physically better without alcohol, eating well and re engaging at work and play might create a sense of confidence and is certainly a sure foundation on which to build. But when an illness occurs, or a job is lost, there is a chance that fear and resentment can turn a persons thoughts to that which has given comfort before and start drinking again.

Freedom from Alcohol Addiction

No one can say that their lives are guaranteed to be free of such challenges, so then being free of Alcohol Addiction will require forming new ways to cope in times of stress, replacing the old reactionary thinking with new, more healthy solutions.  Re wiring our brains is a term sometimes used to describe a way in which someone can replace the old destructive habits. CBT invites a person to re consider their thinking and to evaluate the outcome of a drinking idea and offers some very useful tools which can be used to avoid the action following the thought.


 In many cases though these thoughts of drinking are as a result of a deeper need which has not been resolved which drives the thinking process to find a solution. Breaking the thinking patterns then, is more likely to be successful by recognising and then tackling the innate need. It is also important to find support. The 12 step programme suggests  a spiritual solution and the steps themselves are designed to take a person on a journey of discovery, from head to heart.

Others I work with have found freedom from Alcohol Addiction in  disciplines such as Yoga, Mindfulness and other spiritual practices. Our Recovery Coaching Programme gives One 2 One support in finding what works for you. Whatever the vehicle, the direction is the same and all require sustained action, or in other words practice!  If you want to stop drinking, there is a chance to find a way to stop starting again – We can help and support you to stay sober.